Induction of Officers and Board Members 2019-2021

On June 11, 2019, II International Manila Chapter 108 kicked off the year with its First General Membership Meeting and induction of the new Officers and Board Members for 2019-2021

Past President Marc Tomas thanked all the members for the Chapter’s support and genuine camaraderie during his presidency and congratulated the new set of Officers and Board Members ably headed by Christina Ma. Josephina Fenix Abalos teacher from Ikenobo School. In her acceptance speech, Ms. Abalos enthusiastically announced that the theme for the Chapter’s monthly meetings will be “Boundless Earth”. Using Motion and Elements as theme for the meetings. The Board Members composed arrangements to showcase how different types of motion like walking, standing, rising, rolling, dancing can be expressed and created in an arrangement.

Demonstrations from Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu Schools also capped the event. Everyone enjoyed catching up with each other over delectable food prepared by the officers.

So once again, Manila Chapter 108 look forward to a new and exciting year of friendship through flowers…

PresidentChristina Ma Josephina Fenix Abalos
1st Vice PresidentEvangeline Cheng
2nd Vice PresidentAida Villanueva
Recording SecretaryMichael Claparols
Assistant Recording SecretaryMa. Antonia Hubilla
Communications SecretaryMa. Paz Gracia Sanez
TreasurerYasmin Crisostomo
Assistant TreasurerShirley Lee
Public Relations OfficerRomeo Balderrama
ParliamentarianAurora Villanueva
Liason OfficerJoyce Kato
Board AdvisorsMargot Perez & Virginia Pantaleon

Tokonoma and The Way of Tea

Tokonoma is a built in recessed space in a Japanese style reception room wherein items for artistic appreciation are displayed – such as calligraphic or pictorial scrolls, or an arrangement of flowers. Our Ikebana arrangements for our meeting today were intended for Tokonomas (or alcove) sitting on tatami mats.
Our guest presenters were members of the Urasenke Tankokai Manila Association, a group that encouraged international friendship between the Philippines and Japan through “Chado” – the way of tea. There is a formal code of conduct in the Chado that is followed strictly.
The Japanese tea ceremony is hundred of years old, and is a hybrid of a religious and social ritual. And if you have been privileged to attend, make the best of a rare opportunity.