About Us

Ikebana (ee-kay-bah-nah), which means “Living Flowers”, is the art of Japanese flower arranging. At the beginning of the sixth century, Buddhism was brought to Japan from China and it was the custom of offering flowers to Buddha which developed over the centuries into ikebana.


Ikebana International

“Friendship through Flowers”

Ikebana International was founded by Mrs. Allen G. Ellen in 1956 in Tokyo, Japan Mrs. Allen had live in Japan with her husband and had experienced the art. Washington, DC became II Chapter #1 since this was the home of Mrs. Allen.

Ikebana International is administered by enthusiastic volunteers of many different nationalities and ikebana schools. Some of the ikebana schools stress classic style while other focus on creative ,contemporary forms and some blend the two. While each school is different, they openly share their inspirations, styles, philosophy, history, and techniques with each other. Membership in I.I. is open to all persons interested in the art of ikebana and the ideals if I.I. regardless of previous experience.

There are now over 200 chapters of Ikebana International around the world. The official flower is the cherry blossom.

Ikebana International Manila Chapter 108

The II Manila Chapter  108, founded by Carmen S. Guevara, was charted by II Tokyo Headquarters on March 09, 1967. The Chapter now has 75 active members.

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from June through March. The meetings include a short business session, presentation of Ikebana arrangements by members followed by an Ikebana demonstration and other planned program for the day.

Persons interested in joining the chapter pay dues of ₱6,000.00 per year. Our year runs from June 1st to May 31st, and dues must be paid by May 31.

The Objectives of our chapter are:

To simulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana and related arts

To foster friendship through flowers